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The Fat Tax August 22, 2008

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An article on the Yahoo! homepage caught my attention.  It’s about companies that charge employees for being fat.  Here’s a link to read the article: (Yahoo!)

Years ago, I worked for U-Haul.  I’ve known that U-Haul charges their employees a fat tax.  They’ve been doing that for a while already.  So I searched to find out if anyone has blogged about it much, here’s what I found: (Big Fat Blog)

This is not a new idea.  But maybe it’s finally starting to catch on.  I don’t think this is fair, but I’m sure many others out there don’t agree with me.  A person should not be penalized financially for being heavy.  Maybe put a more positive spin on things and encourage or reward those who maintain a healthy weight?


Squeezing Out Every Last Dollar

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If you feel the need to get rid of your stress and you want something to squeeeze, try this $100 bill stress toy.  Squash!

Website: Office Playground
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A Calendar That Shreds Itself As The Days Go By

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Forget about tearing off a page or flipping over to the next day or month.  This calendar does all the work for you!  I wonder if this would make your days go by faster or maybe slower.

Website: Yanko Design
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Surf the web at work? You need this!

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If you surf the web at work and you don’t want to get caught or maybe you have privacy concerns because you work with sensitive data, you need to get the StealthSwitch!

This is a USB device that easily plugs into your computer and hides under your desk.  Just tap on it to switch screens.  Possibly not boss approved.  You’ve been warned.

Website: StealthSwitch
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Check out this MASSIVE remote!

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This HUGE universal remote control can control up to 8 devices, has glow-in-the-dark buttons and I’m sure you’d never have a hard time finding it!  Each button is almost 1 inche in size.  Wow!

Website: Things You Never Knew Existed…
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